299 kr

Titel: Texurized
Fine Art fotobok: 36 sid, hårda pärmar.
Size: 18 x 18 cm
Photo: Joakim Jalin

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Ur förordet till boken:

”Autumn turns to winter. It’s November and I’m in Spain on an advertising job. The assignment is to photograph textures for an upcoming series of car advertising images. We travel by car to a number of given environments between Bilbao, Barcelona and Madrid. I shoot thousands of images in a dozen days. But this is not enough for a thirsty photographer.

The country glows of color everywhere I look. Towns, villages, roads and nature. Everything seems to be designed and coated with paint. Where people live, no detail has been too unimportant to be given a saturated hue and a beautiful texture.

Texturized is a collection of 16 color photographs and 16 B/W photographs from this distance.”

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